The Domain Carlin Pinson

40 km from Bourges and Nevers, 2 hours from Paris via the A77: Crézancy-en-Sancerre, a few kilometers southwest of Sancerre. This is where DOMAINE CARLIN PINSON cultivates 13 ha planted with Sauvignon and 2 ha with Pinot noir, on vineyards facing south-south-east. Continuing a family tradition that has been perpetuated and modernized since 1970, we produce typical AOP Sancerre wines, whose precious bottles honor French viticulture.


Our range includes Tradition vintages, in White, Red and Rosé, obtained by blending juices from our different plots, in order to guarantee consistent quality, from vintage to vintage. These wines, aged in refrigerated stainless steel vats, are faithful representatives of the Appellation, and draw the best from the aromas of Sauvignon and Pinot.


We also produce vintages for aging, partially aged in barrels, oak casks and jars, which gives them fat and tannins which favor their aging. Rouge Manon, Blanc Line, Les Pierres Blanches, Le Clos du Roy and Hespéride: our most beautiful wines, carefully crafted, are the flagships of DOMAINE CARLIN PINSON.